About us

Kool and spicy is a contemporary brand which draws inspiration from African culture and diverse cultures around the world. The first idea of the brand appeared in 2019 and the founder, Singuin Fetai Anne-Marie finally created the brand in 2021. Born in Ivory Coast, the designer grew up in France and studied fashion design and textiles in London. Inspired by her multicultural environment, she has founded a brand that values and celebrates African crafts by proposing bold, coloured and modern designs for men and women.
We make our garments in French and Ivorian workshops with Baoulé cloth, a hand woven and hand dye fabric using an ancestral hand weaving technique.
The designer creates variety of colours and abstract patterns by hand and digitally on various materials.
Silk, cotton and linen are also noble fabrics selected to make the brand's garments and are mainly fabric deadstock.
Concerned about the environment, the designer has adopted a more sustainable method of production by choosing made-to-order designs and limited stock quantities. However, she also opted for upcycling, a process that consists of recovering wasted, unwanted clothes and materials to create new clothes. Being able to combine African crafts and a sustainable fashion process is the challenge that the brand has set itself.